Brillandericwatchtv_upfrontOn the heels of last week’s preview of John From Cincinnati, we take a look at a show that is almost as strange, but slightly more accessible — Showtime’s Meadowlands — about a British witness protection program that might be even more of a punishment than staying in the real world.

We go back to HBO to make the inevitable comparison between Flight of the Conchords and Tenacious D, taking a second to admire the work of supporting actress Kristin Schaal.

Kyle XY returns for what looks to be a promising second season, causing Eric to try and out-pretentious Brill in his analysis.

On the news front, CBS throws fans a bone and orders seven episodes of Jericho for midseason, Grey’s Anatomy lets Isaiah Washington know that sometimes "sorry" isn’t good enough, Jeremy Sisto joins the Law & Order force and Kevin Carradine hunts a serial killer on Dexter.

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