urx unit loader 'Big Brother' Round 2 of the HOH Results (SPOILERS)

The second round of the Big Brother Head of Household competition is over. Want to know who won? Follow along after the jump…

Memphis has won the second round of HOH, so that means the new Head of Household will be one of the Renegades. I didn’t see the competition because the feeds go down for those, but Memphis is the winner. I sincerely hope whoever wins round three doesn’t take Jerry to Final 2. Interestingly, the Renegades have been staging a fight over Memphis evicting Keesha so Jerry thought they were fighting. Jerry fell for it all the way, so perhaps he feels pretty safe and didn’t try very hard in the second round of the HOH. Or maybe he just sucks at all competitions. Either way, I’m pretty happy at this turn of events. Go Dan!