Last year we called this our "Guilty Pleasures" gallery. Then, we did
some soul-searching over the next 12 months and came to the realization
that we don’t feel guilty about a single show we watch — even Hannah Montana.
Sure, we might need to rationalize and defend it to the nonbelievers
who don’t have nearly the broad TV-viewing palates that we possess, but
we’re ok with that.

So, this time around we’re calling our selections as we really see them: "Hidden Gems."

Truth be told though, 2008 was a tough year. The Writers Strike did
everything it could to snuff out any joy that could be found on the
small screen It had us scrambling to cable for something, anything to
watch. Luckily, our dedication proved successful … even if there’s a
lot of reality shows (in various guises) on the list.

Here’s hoping 2009 proves more fruitful on all fronts.

What about you? What shows did you discover in 2008?

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