urx unit loader Hot Cuppa Pix: Sun, Clouds & Clutter at 'Clean House'

Today's cuppa: Grocery-store coffee

As Cuppers already know, one of my favorite shows is Style Network's clutter-busting reality series "Clean House," in which packrats are forcibly divested of their heaps of extra junk, much of which is then sold at a garage sale to contribute to a revamping of their domiciles.

Normally, Niecy Nash is host of the show, but right now, she and designer Mark Brunetz — I did interviews with both of them at press tour, which will appear at a later date — are on the road, not only in search of the new "Messiest Home in the Country," but also shooting additional episodes beyond the show's usual haunts in the Los Angeles area.

But that doesn't mean "Clean House" has abandoned Southern California. Earlier today, my visiting friend Scary Mary, a k a The Scary One, my mentor in all things coffee, and I headed to Burbank to check out the garage sale phase of an episode in production. On hand were substitute host Lisa Arch — a real sweetheart — and awesome go-to guy Matt Iseman, an old pal of mine from his days as host of the short-lived reality series "Scream Play."

It's hard to forget someone you met in the middle of the night at Universal Studios, watching people walk across a plank between buildings carrying buckets of paint. There was also fire involved, and later on, way too many garden ornaments and a giant toilet, but that's a story for another day.

Anyway, it was great to meet Lisa and to spend some time with Matt, who's also host of "Sports Soup" on Versus (which is one reason he's sticking close to home instead of following Nash out on the road).

I'll be posting email Q&As here in the near future, but in the meantime, here are some photos from today's adventures. Click on images for a larger version.

Apparently today's sale had a mall theme, which meant it was all under one tent, which was a good idea, since the weather report promised rain (luckily we got sun and clouds instead).


Inside the mall…


Arch confers with the production crew (her rubber boots were so cute) …


Iseman confers with the production crew (his propeller beanie was so cute) …


The view from across the street…


Arch and Scary Mary tussle over a bargain blouse (only $1!)…


Triumphant, Scary Mary shows off her treasure…


Arch strikes a pose…


Iseman strikes a pose…


That's all for now. Stay tuned!