We had such high hopes for "Rock of Love Bus," but the third season of Bret Michaels quest for love has been rather disappointing.

It has managed to make us nostalgic for season two though. We're even starting to remember skanky runner-up Daisy De La Hoya with something akin to fondness.


Good thing, since De La Hoya's own search for a new boyfriend, "Daisy of Love," premieres Sunday, April 26 on VH1.

With 20 men going by the monikers Chi Chi, London, Tool Box, Sinister, 12 Pack, Torch, Flipper, Big Rig, Weasel, Flex, Cage, Brooklyn, Dropout, Professor, 6 Gauge and Cable Guy, how could it be anything but earnest and sincere?


See the contestants of "Daisy of Love"