urx unit loader What's Bai Ling's fashion secret?  Be  'unique'!

We can never get enough of Bai Ling and her wacky outfits.

At last night's "Grey Gardens" premiere, Ling walked the carpet in her usual attention-getting get-up — with some kind of raven or baby porcupine roadkill on her head.

When we tried to politely ask about her outfit — because, seriously, what else is there to ask her about — she replied:

"I saw this – I thought it was so unique – with the hat – it is like French style or '20s or I don’t know – I just feel it – I don’t know – sometimes it's like – I go by my feelings and I go, 'I want to wear that' – it's like this little girl comes to me and I go – 'I want to try that!' "

We commented that she always wears such … outrageous outfits.

 "Unique," she corrected us. "They are unique. Because I think it's 2009 and we are not a slave to designers. They are here to support us and we should have fun!"

Then, bless her heart, she filled us in on her new film — the title of which we either didn't hear or which we have already forgotten — and then she gave us her website address officialbailing.com so we can all find out the scoop on her personal style.

We can hardly wait.

Video reporting: Sal Morgan

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