Brittanysnow So, in order to reconcile the fact that Brittany Snow and Kelly Rutherford don't really look alike, I've decided that Lily must've gotten a nose job in the late 80s. This makes me feel better. Now I can fully enjoy the "Gossip Girl" spin off, coming to us in the form of a "Gossip Girl" episode on May 11.

Have you seen the new pics? There are a few below, but be sure to peep our shiny gallery to see all the "Gossip Girl" spin off photos.

I mean, this I'm excited about. All bright and 80s with Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage's witty sensibility mixed in? It's a winning formula, I can feel it.

If I'm wrong, you can point fingers and make fun of me…

Sweet boots, Lil

"Veronica Mars"' Krysten Ritter as Lily's sis Carol

Britney Snow, Cynthia Watros and Andrew McCarthy as Lily and her parents…

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