Jeffreydeanmorgan Remember a few years ago when "Grey's Anatomy" killed Denny off and you cried and cried, How could Shonda Rhimes do this?!

Well, she clearly had crazy remorse over the decision. Not only did we get Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Denny Duquette back last fall (in the form of Izzie hallucinations, a symptom of her brain tumor), but he will return once again, most likely next Thursday for "Grey"'s 100th episode. The photo below? Evidence.


"GA" creator Rhimes spoke with USA Today, confirming the news and adding a warning: "Just a reminder, he's not a ghost and we should all remember what his appearance means."

Yeah, that the chemo ain't helping Izzie.

Think Denny's coming to help Izzie cross over?

Are you secretly glad he's popping back up? Is all forgiven now that you know he's not a ghost? Or does the news of his encore reappearance make you want to strangle someone? Vote in the poll below…

Denny's posthumous return to Seattle Grace…(online surveys)

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