Pratt_montag So, with cameras, producers and “Hills” cast members all in attendance, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt finally made their union official this past Saturday in Pasadena, California.

The event was of course filmed for “The Hills” 5th season finale, and because this could end up being the show’s series finale as well, I just knew Lauren Conrad would be there, despite the fact that she openly denied she would go.

Now, however, the question is, will MTV and “The Hills” producers allow this monumental occasion to act as the show’s swan song or not?

E.P. Liz Gateley told fans last Tuesday that she and her colleagues were still weighing options, waiting to see if there will be enough “story” to keep going. But Lauren, whom the series was built around, has already said her goodbyes and clearly stated she will not be back — though I’m not 100% sure we should believe her — and Audrina Patridge, who’s played a big part in “The Hills” drama over the years, is apparently peacing out too.

So how could the show possibly stay alive? Media, uh, lovers, Heidi and Spencer have said they’d be happy to continue with “The Hills.” Brody Jenner — whose MTV series “Bromance” probably won’t be back — seemed open to the idea when I spoke with him last week. Lo Bosworth told me she’d do it, unless the opportunity to host another show popped up. And, I mean, what else does Stephanie Pratt have going on? Clearly, her future ain’t answering phones for People’s Revolution and Kelly Cutrone.

Still, I’m going to argue that it’s time to let “The Hills” go. And I say that as a fan of the show. Though I’ve poked fun at it over the years, hats off to the producers, cast and crew. Whether you respect the genre of reality TV or not, you can’t deny that “The Hills” is incredibly well done. The people involved turned the real lives of several young adults into a bonafide soap opera that the whole country — including our nation’s President — has been talking about, or at least been aware of, for quite some time now.

Thinking back to late 2005, when I broke the news of Lauren’s “Laguna Beach” spin off — yeah, that’s right, I had good L.B. contacts in those days — I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted the pop culture phenomenon “The Hills” would morph into.

And strangely enough, I was actually at that “Teen Vogue” party at the Roosevelt Hotel, during which much of the show’s pilot episode took place. I clearly remember Lauren standing at the edge of the pool — I believe she was wearing a white dress — with a mic pack clipped to her back, and thinking to myself, no way it’ll be as successful as “Laguna” is.

Then again, I wasn’t aware of the power of Spencer Pratt at that point. It would be a whole season of Heidi dating Jordan — remember that dude? — before the world inherited the gift that is SP …I mean, unless you were one of the five people who religiously watched FOX’s “The Princes of Malibu.”

But anyway, what I’m trying to say is that “The Hills” broke new ground for reality TV. It looks pretty — If you live in L.A., it’s seriously fun to watch the show’s cameras fly around the city after each commercial break — it turned its stars into household names, it reached Barack Obama‘s consciousness. And I just think it deserves to go out on a high. What better way to bid it farewell than with Spencer and Heidi’s big ass wedding. This is something the show’s been building to forever. You couldn’t write a better series finale for a drama like “The Hills.”

Donna and David’s nuptials were good enough to end a decade of “Beverly Hills, 90210.” No doubt “Hills” producers should take a page from Aaron Spelling on this one and follow suit…

You agree?

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