Lindsaylohan_240 Lindsay Lohan is a mess after her breakup with Samantha Ronson.

“It’s absolute hell,” says the starlet in an Us Weekly interview.

Ronson broke it off with Lohan last Friday and even had security bar her from a party at the Chateau Marmont. Lohan claims that it was “humiliating” because other stars who walked past were unkind as well. Nicole Richie supposedly said, “Uck,” while Drea De Matteo challenged, “Come at me, bitch.”

“Everyone’s turned on me,” laments Lohan who adds that she’s “so alone” without her girlfriend.

Later, Ronson changed the locks on her home and even inquired about a restraining order, which she didn’t pursue.

Ever since, Lohan has been distraught, so much so that friends and family fear she might hurt herself.

The actress denies threatening to kill herself, but acknowledges, “I’m just really hurt. The whole situation is sick.”

Meanwhile, reported that on Monday night, Lohan was back to her old, pre-rehab habits, chugging vodka straight from the bottle at a Hollywood nightclub.


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