Padma_scar Padma Lakshmi may have shown her scar countless of times on "Top Chef," but she's exposing much more for a magazine.

The "Top Chef" host, "Dollhouse's" Eliza Dushku, comedian Chelsea Handler, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" star Lynn Collins and actress Sharon Leal all posed nude for Allure's annual May nude issue.

Lakshmi, 38, doesn't have a problem with baring all and in fact is most proud of her seven-inch scar on her upper arm that she got after a car accident when she was 14.


Check out all the photos of Padma, Eliza and the others nude.

Dushku, 28, who showed part of her bottom on Friday's episode of "Dollhouse" when she played a dominatrix, claims that she's often wearing just Ugg boots and undies when she eats lunch in her trailer.

Then again, this is nothing new since Dushku appeared in a very racy ad campaign for "Dollhouse" when the show premiered.

What do you think of the ladies? Who's the hottest?


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