Brodyjenner Wow, my job is weird. I mean, I'm not complaining… It's truly my pleasure to spend a Tuesday night chatting with Brody Jenner about whether or not he'll be a groomsman at his old buddy Spencer's wedding this weekend — he won't, by the way, he said "that would be a bad idea" — and call it work.

Yes, while working this evening, I grilled the kids of "The Hills" — which was being honored by The Paley Festival — for facts regarding this coming Saturday's reported Heidi-Spencer nuptials.

Pratt_montag So far, it seems as though this thing is really going down. The only two regular cast members missing from tonight's panel were the soon-to-be bride and groom, and executive producer Adam DiVello did actually confirm that the duo didn't attend because they are busy planning for their big day …their big day in front of the cameras, of course.

I mean, why would Heidi and Spencer get married without "The Hills" crew around to film it?

In fact, their wedding event — whether they finally make it official or not — will serve as the show's fifth season finale.

Whitneyport So, who will be there? Well, not Whitney. She told me she is only in L.A. for a couple days — her sister got married this past weekend and she decided to stay a bit longer so she could be at Paley — and will fly back to New York tomorrow as the new season of her spin off "The City" has already begun shooting. Also, she wasn't invited. "Spencer and I went to the same high school. He was a year ahead of me," Whitney shared. "But we weren't really friends. I haven't kept in close touch with him and Heidi, so I didn't expect to be invited. But I wish them the best."

Stephaniepratt Of course, Spencer's sister Stephanie — who spilled that Heidi is going for a very traditional theme and a white color scheme — will be at the wedding, Audrina plans to attend (she claims she hasn't yet decided if she'll bring a date… that's pretty bad wedding etiquette, AP, not having fully RSVP'd four days before the event. Oh wait, I'm sorry, are the rules different when MTV is planning the thing and paying you to show up?), Lo is going, Brody will be there… But what about Lauren?

Laurenconrad Well, this is tricky. See, Lauren supposedly filmed her last "Hills" scene over a month ago, having decided to leave the show behind earlier this year. Reportedly, there were tears and hugs and the whole deal when the cameras shut down that day.

So, she can't really attend Heidi and Spencer's wedding since it's an episode of the show, right?

And why would she anyway? She despises Spencer, she doesn't approve of Heidi's relationship with him and she wouldn't call either of them a friend.

In fact, the official rumor is that Heidi — whom we know has long hoped for a reconciliation with LC — did extend an invitation to her, but LC declined.

Jasonwahler Of course, that's no surprise, especially considering that Spencer has apparently taken responsibility for those Jason-Lauren sex tape rumors which fully ended Lauren's association with both him and Heidi a few years back.

Incidentally, those rumors also brought the show up to tabloid status, and really put Lauren on the map, but whatever.

Anyway, yeah, during the panel this evening, Lauren let that little tidbit slip: "Oh, well we have him on camera admitting it and apologizing. Oops, spoiler! Sorry."

She totally wasn't sorry. 

So, anyway, we have that to look forward to.

Still, I'm not 100% sure that Lauren won't attend this weekend. Though she told reporters that it was sweet of Heidi to invite her, but she's pretty sure Heidi doesn't expect her to come, I'm thinking she will go.

First of all, this is the season finale of "The Hills," of course she's gonna show.

I can just see the dumb look on Spencer's face when he spots LC chillin in the church, witnessing the exchange of vows.

Besides, I totally overheard Brody saying he plans to sit next to Lauren during the ceremony, so… ha!

MTV, we know your tricks.

Thoughts, my friends?

You wanna try and crash this thing with me?

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