Susanboyle_britainsgottalent_240 Susan Boyle is welcome to visit “America’s Got Talent” — but she needs to win “Britain’s Got Talent” first.

“Anyone who wins the British show, we’d guarantee them a spot on the American show,” says executive producer/creator Simon Cowell during a press day Friday for the U.S. version of the reality competition series. “So if it’s Susan, then yes.”

He also reminds the rabid journalists, hungry for any mention of Boyle, not to get ahead of themselves. Boyle may have won over audiences worldwide, but she has a long way to go before winning and before Cowell can consider exercising the option to sign her.

“She’s got to sing better than she did before with all that expectation on her,” says Cowell. “It could all go horribly wrong.”

Naturally, Boyle’s popularity has renewed interest in the American version of the show.

Piersmorgan_americasgottalent_240 “Susan Boyle has laid down the challenge. Has America got its answer to Susan Boyle?” says judge Piers Morgan.

And no, it doesn’t have to be a 47-year-old Scottish singer. Talent comes in many shapes, as Morgan points out: “We have a guy who hunts chickens, and his talent, he sings like Garth Brooks. The audience is on its feet.” Maybe this is who Boyle is saving her first kiss for?

Cowell would like to further capitalize on the wave of Boyle’s fame by holding two additional open auditions — to be approved by NBC of course — for the U.S. show. Now that America has seen Boyle, maybe those frumpy, less glamorous Americans who second guessed themselves would consider sharing their talents.

“We were all guilty on the panel of judging her before she actually sang,” admits Cowell. “We were totally wrong. Watching it back, it was embarrassing.”

As far as YouTube’s role in the Scottish singer’s fame, Cowell says, “The good thing about YouTube is that it is good market research. It’s fantastic. It’s the best thing to happen to us in the world. It’s gotten the whole world together, it’s genius even though it’s not making much money at the moment.”

“America’s Got Talent” premieres on Tuesday, June 23. Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff join Morgan on the judging panel, and Nick Cannon makes his debut as the show’s host.

Would you like to see Susan Boyle on the U.S. show? Can she win it all? Do you think the chicken hunter (or any American) can win us over as much as Susan did?


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