Christophergorham2_uglybetty_s2_240 Henry's back, and somehow we don't think Matt's gonna be too happy about that.

"Ugly Betty" will see the return of Betty's erstwhile love Henry, played by Christopher Gorham, for the May 21 two-hour season finale, reports EW's Ausiello.

Here's why Henry's back in the Big Apple: he and his new girlfriend Chloe (Dreama Walker who plays Mean Girl Hazel on "Gossip Girl") are visiting and go on a double date to a Mets game with Betty (America Ferrera) and her boyfriend Matt (Daniel Eric Gold).

Of course, the romantic feelings for dear Betty run deep in the geek veins, so expect a bit of friction between the two men.

Danielericgold As Zap2it's "Ugly Betty" recapper, I'm firmly on Team Matt, her fellow YETI intern. If you recall, Henry strung Betty along, but eventually moved back to Arizona to be with his baby mama Charlie. The end, right? Well, apparently, that didn't last and Betty discovered via Facebook that Henry had moved on to another reddish-blonde girl.

Matt has been pretty darn nice from Day One, calling Betty out on her childish behavior but sticking with her even though his mom (Christine Baranski) didn't approve. Okay, there's the slight issue of his sex addiction, but he's working on that.

Gorham has been playing another Henry on CBS' murder mystery series "Harper's Island," but will dust off his thick-framed glasses for this guest appearance.

"Ugly Betty" returns with new episodes on Thursday, April 30.

UPDATE: On Thursday ABC picked up "Ugly Betty" and its other shows early for next season. It's been an uneven season, but I think I like the direction it's taking with the latest episodes.

Are you excited for Henry's return? Which man are you rooting for?


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