Marlee_240 William Hurt, who romanced Marlee Matlin on the screen and real life, has a dark, violent side, claims the actress.

The "Children of a Lesser God" best actress winner details some of the abuse she experienced at Hurt's hands in her autobiography, "I'll Scream Later."

"I always had fresh bruises everyday," Matlin, 43, says in an "Access Hollywood" interview. "And if I had a split lip, or if … I mean, there were a lot of things that happened that were not pleasant."


The couple met on the set of 1987's "Children of a Lesser God," for which Matlin became the first deaf actress to win an Oscar. They stayed together for two years while she battled drug addiction and he allegedly dealt with alcoholism. Matlin never pressed charges because she "loved him," but she also admits that their age difference — she was 19, he was 35 — probably had something to do with it.

Matlin is currently married and has four children. She most recently appeared on Showtime's "The L Word" and on "Dancing With the Stars."

Hurt, 59, is known for playing Daniel Purcell on "Damages." He recently signed on to play the Earl of Pembroke for an upcoming Robin Hood film.

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