Jessicastroup Remember last week when I told you Silver won't stay at Catholic school forever and that West Bev's prom — for which she'll don a very un-Silver-like ball gown-looking thing — would be her first experience back in the West Beverly world?

Well, here's your first look at the scene. She's hanging back in the limo — it's a Bentley limo, by the way, I was on set when they filmed this — having second thoughts about attending.

No worries though, Dixon and friends will convince her that everything's cool and she'll not only attend the prom, but Jessica Stroup told me she ends up making a big, dramatic speech to the student body, announcing her impending return.

Thoughts on this softer side of Silver's style?

Is it me or does the photo look a bit off? If I wasn't there to see this scene go down, I would have to guess that Stroup was sick that day and they decided to superimpose her head on someone else's body…



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