Jonandkateplus8_kategosselin_jongosselin_290 Jon and Kate Gosselin's decision to air their crumbling marriage and their eight children's lives means that the media firestorm isn't dying out anytime soon.

The fifth season premiere of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" has fueled even more interest in the couple. Check out the latest news on the Gosselins:

 - Kate Gosselin allegedly used to only give Jon a $5 allowance (no wonder he was obsessed with freebies!) []

 - Jason, the eloquent ("Ick. Nast.") brother of Deanna Hummel, calls Jon a "liar" for denying cheating on Kate [E! Online]

 - Now that TLC is getting boffo ratings with "Jon & Kate," they've canned their J.Lo reality project. [TMZ]

 - The kids are acting out — especially the boys, Mady and Cara — in fear of their dad leaving for good. [Star]

 - TLC intends to keep on milking the cash cow. This season has 40 episodes ordered. [E! Online]

 - Kate's brother Kevin (yeah, him again) and his wife Jodi says the kids are being exploited. [CBS' "Early Show"]

Check out the full interview with Kevin and Jodi, including scenes of when they were on the show:


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