Kategosselin_02_jonandkateplus8_290 After cheating allegations have trained the spotlight on "Jon & Kate Plus 8" parents Jon and Kate Gosselin, stories have surfaced that nothing — neither the marriage nor perfect picture of domesticity — on the reality show is real.

In a video interview with RadarOnline.com, Kate's brother Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi (anybody remember redheaded Aunt Jodi from the show's earlier seasons?) reveal that Kate is big on delegating all of her housewife duties to others so she can focus on book tours, speaking engagements and promoting the show.

"Where it all sort of goes foul is that they claim they're doing it all themselves," says her brother. "It's just a snowjob."

Kevin also adds that his sister has refused any sort of marriage counseling and that Jon was "hurt" when she told him their marriage was over.

Wait a minute. What? But aren't they still married?

Jongosselin_02_jonandkateplus8_290 Well, according to the oh so reliable  Star magazine, the Gosselins have continued with the pretense of a happy marriage that's governed by a secret contract in which Jon gets to have girlfriends on the side as long has he plays the good husband on the show.

And why did Kevin and Jodi mysteriously disappear from the show? Word is that Kate became irate when TLC offered to pay the Kreiders for their time and appearances on the program and stipulated that only she and Jon would get paid for the gig.

So … do you believe any of this stuff? Or is it all just more tabloid fodder?


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