Leonardnimoy_fringe_290 In honor of the new “Star Trek,” Leonard Nimoy beamed down to the “Late Show” Thursday to participate in the earthling ritual known as the Top 10 list.

The 11th “Star Trek” film, which reboots the sci-fi franchise, is currently in theaters nationwide.


Without further ado, the “Top 10 lines never before said in a ‘Star Trek’ film”:

10. Warp factor 8!  Arby’s closes in 10 minutes.
9. We’re entering a breach in the space-time continuum or a wormhole or some crazy crap like that.
8. Set phasers to fabulous!
7. Welcome aboard the Starship Enterprise — today’s in-flight movie is “Big Momma’s House 2.”
6. We’ve been hijacked by Somali pirates.
5. Sir, I’m going to need Saturday off to attend my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah.
4. My baby-daddy is a Vulcan — on the next “Maury.”
3. The Enterprise just hit a goose — we’re gonna have to land in the Hudson.
2. Live long, prosper, and keep on hangin’ and bangin’.
1. I find your choice of hairpiece highly illogical.


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