Elizabethmitchell_lost_290 My "Lost" brothers and sisters, I'm not gonna lie. I'm spent. I'm dead tired. Hosting a 3-hour live chat, then watching a 2-hour finale, then writing a 5,000+ plus recap will do that to a person.

The bottom line? Didn't feel it. Thought there were some amazing moments and a few interesting reveals, but overall the characters took a back seat to plot in my book, as things needed to get accomplished whether or not it made sense for any of the parties involved to be accomplishing them. These odd choices took me out of moments I know I was supposed to feel deep in my gut, leaving me only scratching my chin.

Read the whole recap here so you see what I mean. If you'll excuse me, it's well past the midnight hour and I could use some sleep. Or, like Sun, some alcohol.

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