Chalke_braff Sacred Heart fans, I've got scoop.

A "Scrubs" source tells me that show creator Bill Lawrence met with ABC president Steve McPherson today, and I'm now hearing from another insider that said meeting went well and the show will in fact return for a ninth season.

The rumor is that several series regulars, including Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke, have agreed to appear in six episodes of this next go-round.

And, yeah, why wouldn't they?

It's a lot of money. They all love each other. There will be plenty of time to pursue other projects…

No brainer.

But for us fans who may feel that last Wednesday's finale was the perfect swan song?

Well, I've decided to look at the new season as a psuedo "Scrubs" spin off. With J.D. exiting Sacred Heart, "Scrubs" as we know it is over. However, there may still be enough goodness there to go on in a new capacity. We'll have to wait and see what Bill and his team come up with. The younger characters will be developed further. Maybe we'll see more fresh faces. There will be new relationships, perhaps new issues. Could be cool…


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