Zachbraff Damn "Book of Love" song. I mean, I was in tears 30 minutes into the episode when J.D. and Carla did their whole thank you/goodbye thing. But once the "Book of Love" montage began? I haven't bawled like that over a series finale since Alex P. Keaton left Ohio for New York. Listen, I lost it. Like a lunatic baby.

Brilliant choice to end the hour with J.D.'s hopeful fantasies of the future as opposed to the usual sentimental flashbacks, by the way.

I did enjoy the first season scenes they threw in at the beginning of the episode though… J.D. and Elliot so skinny and awkward-looking. Weird how Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke – just like their characters — have actually grown into adults while hanging out at Sacred Heart over the last eight years.

So, thoughts? Were you satisfied with the season ender? Would you want to see the show continue next year even though J.D. would just show up every now and then?