Adriannecurry One week into this “I’m A Celebrity…” mess and my favorite people — the comedy duo that call themselves “Frangela” — are gone. One of the funny girls was voted out by America (stupid America) and the other caved without her partner-in-crime, but the whole thing pisses me off because the twosome was fantastic at making good, clean fun of their cast mates whose behavior begged mockery. With them gone, there’s little to no comic relief and that sucks.

Of course, Heidi and Spencer are now out of the competition too, so the best/worst — depends how you look at it — drama is over as well and we’re just left to watch Janice Dickinson piss Daniel Baldwin off with her laziness.   

It’s unlikely Heidi’s sister, Holly, will add much to the dynamic when she joins the cast on Wednesday since she’s pretty sweet and tame… though she did step it up on “The Hills” season finale, getting wasted at Speidi’s rehearsal dinner, delivering an insulting toast, throwing potatoes across the table and following it all up with a full-on meltdown… but somehow I think that side of her only emerges in Spencer’s presence. We shall see. There are rumors that NBC may bring Spence back on the show to do just that.

What do you think of the remaining players? “America’s Next Top Model” winner and Peter Brady wife, Adrianne Curry tweeted this morning that she and husband Chris Knight turned down an offer to do ‘I’m A Celeb…,” saying she’s unsure “how one maintains dignity&self respect on that show.”

Really, Adrianne? Dignity and self respect? I mean, I love you, girl, but are you serious?

Anyway, thoughts? Should NBC recruit new blood? Keep Speidi close? Will you stick with the reality series or have you seen enough at this point?