Tannerp_thebachelorette_s5_290 Rejected "Bachelorette" contestant Tanner Pope likes women's feet, but would like folks to know he's more than just a foot fetishist.

Not to say that Tanner didn't talk plenty about his love of the feminine appendage on a conference call Thursday, but he also put in a good word about his manly physique and, er, male appendage.

We present to you "Tanner P.: The anatomy of a rejected 'Bachelorette' suitor"*:

What's the perfect foot in your eyes?
Tanner P.: It's really just this simple. It was a lot of embellishing on my part. It's not a deal breaker, but at the same time, I just love a girl's pretty feet. Girls' feet are feminine, whereas guys' feet, we don't take care of our feet. That's kind of my whole philosophy. High arches and all that are great, but it's not a deal breaker. I just think that painted toes are what it takes to have hot feet, and Jillian had 'em. Hers definitely compared.

Have you always liked feet? When did this start?
Tanner P.: My brother also has the same fetish, if you want to say [that]. It's not really a fetish. I mean, fetish sounds dirty and risque to me. It's more of a just a "like." Jillian always felt comfortable with it or else I never would have done it in the first place. I just like to poke fun at the guys and have fun with the foot thing. I think it worked for me.

When dating, how long does it take for you to see a girl's feet?
Tanner P.:  Hopefully it's the summertime and I wouldn't have to deal with asking to see the feet. She'll be wearing flip-flops or out at the pool, and I'll get a glimpse of them that way.

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Does being on the show get you recognized around town?

Tanner P.:  Dallas is kind of the mecca for reality show junkies, especially "The Bachelorette" and "The Bachelor" [fans]. It is crazy, and I've taken lots and lots of pictures with girls and their feet. They're like, "Hey, how do you like my feet? Take a picture with me and my feet." I've taken pictures of girls with nasty feet, and it doesn't bother me at all.

Tannerp_feet It doesn't creep them out?
Tanner P.: Hell no! The people that think that's it's creepy, either:
a) Have ugly feet themselves, so they automatically hate it because I like pretty feet. Or:
b) They think it's creepy because they hear the word "fetish." It's taken out of context. You don't see the part where it's me and Jillian actually having a normal conversation. All you see through the "editing" is me and her talking about feet or me rubbing her feet. Or I'm doing the Toe Suck dance or talking about tweezing.

What do your feet look like?
Tanner P.:  My feet are nicely — I've never gotten a manicure, which I never would. I think that's a feminine thing to do. I've never gotten a manicure, pedicure or anything. I was asked by Jillian who had the ugliest male feet. I had never seen another dude's feet [in the house at the time], and I said Sasha. At that point, Sasha was the hairiest guy, so I figured he had the ugliest feet, so I rolled with that. But anyway, I'll show you a picture of my feet anytime.

What size feet do you have?
Tanner P.:  14-15

Why did you decide to strip down to your underwear in your last episode?
Tanner P.:  It was one of the things where I just thought I've been kind of the comedian of this whole thing. I'm just going to bust out and and show her my "man-ties." That's what I call 'em. I wanted to have fun with it. She found it a little awkward. You know how the rest of the sentence went like. I'm not scared to show what I was wearing.

Did you stuff your shorts?
Tanner P.:  Negative, sir. I was just blessed. All the guys knew it because we had outdoor showers, and so they all called me King Dong. I did tricks with my
wiener at one point. Some guys would shower with their swimsuits on, and I wasn't about to do that. I just had fun with it. People would be outside barbequing and cooking a steak. I'd be out there with my sausage ding-a-ling hanging out. It was all in good fun.

Tannerp_buff What's your secret to your killer body?
Tanner P.: I started running a lot about a year ago. I pretty much worked out about three days a week since 2005. You just got to watch what you eat. I got to have my cheat meals twice a week. Chicken, almonds, honey, peanut butter. You got to stick with. I knew Jillian had a killer body and I knew I had to be next to her on the camera, so I was like, "Daddy's gotta look good."

*Note: Tanner P. also veered from the subject of all things bodily in the interview and shared that he and Jillian just didn't have chemistry, he had the most fun out of anyone on the show, he didn't know which guy would win Jillian's hand and that he also looks for a great personality in a woman.

Your thoughts? Will you miss the magic of Ta
nner P.?


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