Montag_pratt Though there have been multiple reports today that Heidi and Spencer Pratt have officially quit "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" after just one episode, several sources close to the production tell me we have not seen the last of these two particular cockroaches.

Last night's premiere beat "The Bachelorette"'s ratings, and I'm hearing that NBC is so happy about it, they may actually extend "I'm A Celebrity"'s run past the planned three weeks. And, because Speidi was clearly a major part of the premiere's winning formula, I'm assuming the Peacock network will do whatever they have to to keep the couple somehow involved.

Insiders tell me NBC is currently weighing a couple options. One possibility? Having Spencer and Heidi stay on at The Four Seasons nearby. Another? Bringing Spence's sister Stephanie Pratt — also of "The Hills" fame — onto the show as their replacement.

But seeing as the girl couldn't handle answering phones at "People's Revolution," I'm not sure how well she'd fare fighting the Costa Rican jungle…

UPDATE: Heidi's sister Holly Montag is reportedly being considered as a replacement too.

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