Pratt_montag Last night, after who knows how many “We quit”s and “We’re back”s, Heidi and Spencer bowed out of “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” for good.

Or so we were told.

According to my source — the same mole that tipped me off first on the truth about Speidi’s “torture” — we could see Heidi and Spencer on the show again.

Another insider tells me the dynamic, “God-loving” duo is still down in Costa Rica, staying at The Four Seasons there. Hey, perhaps they’re just sticking around to spread God’s word… yeah, pretty sure Jesus is pissed about all this bad publicity Speidi is bringing his way.

Officially, the “Hills” couple is off the series as of now and I’m told that, legally, NBC has been advised to keep them off.

However, Speidi’s future is still TBD and you can be sure there’s a camera/publicity-related reason they haven’t traveled back to L.A. yet. As I first reported last week, the producers are not opposed to the idea of keeping them lounging poolside if it means they could still somehow participate in the show. I’m thinking they’ll host a food or immunity challenge…


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