Simpson_sipos …and I wasn't disappointed. I mean, it pretty much plays out exactly the way the script was written, so there were no surprises for me, but I was sort of impressed with how it's all put together.

You know, it's not Emmy-worthy obviously, but it works. I like most of the characters and was entertained by their drama despite already knowing what was coming, storyline-wise…

In other words, it's not awful.

My biggest criticism? Not super keen on Katie Cassidy's Ella Flynn, as she's a bit cliche with the whole powerful, bad ass chick thing she's got going on. And I'm sorry to say it, but Ashlee Simpson needs to take a couple acting classes.

However, Stephanie Jacobsen's Lauren Yung (the med student/fledgling prostitute) is pretty solid. Michael Rady and Jessica Lucas make a sweet couple. We don't see a whole lot of Colin Egglesfield's character in this first hour, but he's hot and mysterious, so that's cool. As for Shawn Sipos' David Breck, the jury's still out… but he does serve a very distinct purpose in the pilot. He reveals how Sydney just so happens to be alive in 2009, even though we saw her die in a car accident 11 years ago.

Seems David's pop, a doc by the name of Mr. Michael Mancini — you may have heard of him — helped her fake her death.


Of course he did…

So, yeah, "Melrose," any questions for me?

'Melrose Place': I've got the pilot script and I'm answering all your Sydney questions

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