Amypoehler_parksandrecreation_290 NBC will give you twice the Amy Poehler on Thursday nights to start the fall season.

Poehler, an Emmy nominee for her work on "Saturday Night Live" last season, will return to her former NBC home in September to co-anchor the first two editions of "Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday." Her first appearance will come on Sept. 17, leading into the season premiere of her comedy "Parks and Recreation."

She'll also join "Weekend Update" anchor Seth Meyers for the second "Update Thursday" show on Sept. 24.

Poehler co-anchored "Weekend Update" on "SNL" for four-plus seasons, first with Tina Fey and then with Meyers, and did the "Weekend Update Thursday" shows with Meyers last fall. She left "Saturday Night Live" last fall after giving birth to her son (though she made a couple of cameo appearances later in the season) and to work on developing "Parks and Recreation."

NBC has ordered six episodes of "Weekend Update Thursday" this season but has thus far only scheduled three of them, for Sept. 17 and 24 and Oct. 1.

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