Joshuajackson_fringe_02_290 From alternate realities, relationships, and Nimoy, the Comic-Con "Fringe" panel on Saturday covered it all.

Last year's panel attendance was a bit of a disappointment, with a good portion of the seats left empty, but this time, "Fringe" fans flocked to Ballroom 20.

4:04 p.m.- Clip reel time. No new scenes, but it's cool to see how many things those crazy kids got into in just one year. The John Noble voice-over tells us "only one world will survive," presumably about the alternate realities. Clip reel ends with the final scene of the season finale, which gets huge cheers from the crowd.

4:09- "Where did all you people come from?" Joshua Jackson (Peter) asks. "This is incredible."

"This is much better [than last year]," John Noble (Walter) agrees. "Thank you!"

4:10- What prompted the reveal of the alternate reality so soon in the series? "We knew where we were going, we just got there quicker [than we planned]," showrunner Jeff Pinkner admits. He says they could have revealed it a bit later, but this way, they get to explore all those opportunities when it felt natural.

Jeff also reveals the reason why co-creator J.J. Abrams isn't with us today: J.J. is missing because his BFF Greg Grunberg's son is having his bar mitzvah. "On rare occasion, being Jewish takes precedence over being cool," Jeff jokes.

4:17- "The central relationship in Peter's life last season was his father." Peter has come to the place where he doesn't always like his father, but he loves him and wants to be there with him. Josh then jokes that the love goes deeper than just a father-son relationship. He pauses, thinks about what he just said, and asks the audience,"Did I just make an incest joke in front of thousands of people?" Yep, he really did.

4:18- Joshua Jackson is loving that whatever he says, the audience cheers.

4:19- A question about the Peter/Olivia relationship is asked and John says, "I think I should be asked that question as the father." He thinks that all romance should be outlawed in the lab, meaning no relationship between Peter/Olivia, Peter/Astrid or Peter/Gene. Yes, the cow. Somehow I don't see the show ever going in that direction.

4:21- John on Walter: "I don't find him all that strange, which I don't know what that says about me."

4:22- Jasika Nicole (Astrid) tries saying random words like Josh did to get a big fan reaction from the crowd. She gets a cheer, and is excited.

4:25- "I think the first season was identifying the threshold of these characters," says Jeff. Now it's about them maturing.

4:25- What led to them using the image of the World Trade Center to set the alternate reality? The writers say they wanted to represent a startling–both immediately and visually– different reality. They weren't sure if it was in poor taste to use it, and waivered back and both, but ultimately they went with their guts.

4:28- Michael Cerveris, aka the Observer will be in season two.

4:30- Asked about their favorite scene to film- Jasika says her favorite scene was the one where the monster was impregnating the people. She really liked that scene because the actors had to disconnect themselves from this person who was in the body bag and had bugs crawling all over them, while they did take after take. "That was my favorite!" she exclaims. Everyone, including other members of the panel, laugh that her favorite scene was of an actor being so miserable.

4:33- Will the team meet their alternate personalities? Apparently Anna Torv (Olivia) wants to know that, too. "I've been emailing and on the phone [with the writers]. [saying] I want to meet the alternate Olivia." 

"I think that is certainly a fun place to go and therefore we should do it," Jeff says.

4:35- Will Leonard Nimoy (William Bell) become a series regular on our show? If he wanted to be a regular, he could be. As of now, he'll be on the show as often as he wants to be.

They won't say when Bell shows up again in season two, but the consequences of the final scene will immediately drive the new stories.

In this new reality, the headlines say that JFK is alive. the Twin Towers were saved, but the original White House is gone.

4:38- The David Robert Jones of the reality we have come to know is dead, but the alternate reality one could pop up sometime in the future.

4:39- Jasika is surprised to see a former college classmate asking a question. She tears up, because she's so excited to see her old friend.

4:46- "[The producers] hired Lance Reddick (Agent Broyles) who is taller, more handsome and has a [freaking] deeper voice than I do!"-Josh

4:48- On the father and son relationship, Josh says "the joy and the pain and the suffering" is all there in relationships. "It's the relationship I hold most precious in the show," Josh says."If you stripped away the sci-fi-ness of it all, you still have a truthful relationship…you butt heads with family, and you love them and you want to kill them."

4:50- Josh is horrified to hear there will be a blooper reel on the season one DVD set. "Anything offense I may say in this blooper reel is in character."

4:52- A fan asks a question to everyone but John.  John is pouting because "I really really want to talk."

4:53- Josh on his reaction to finding out that Walter's son Peter had died years ago, and that his character was actually from the alternate reality: "As an actor, you never want to read the sentence, 'And he looks at Peter's grave.' Never a good sign. I had been given a hat tip that something like that was coming so I would not pass out [thinking] I'd been fired at the end of the first season." Josh is excited that the audience will be in on a secret that Peter is unaware of.

4:54- What is the status for Kirk Acevedo- The rumors of Charlie's demise were exaggerated, but he's going to undergo some major changes. Kirk is still part of the "Fringe" family, according to the panelists.

4:55- This season will still have a self-contained story, despite the introduction of the alternate reality. "Can you do a procedural that plays with the structure a bit?" co-creator Roberto Orci asks. "That balance is part of what makes it challenging."

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