Jeffgoldblum_lawandorderci_290 How do we love Jeff Goldblum? Let Jeff Goldblum count the ways.

The "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" star was the subject of "The Colbert Report's'" latest bit of fun when faux anchor Stephen Colbert "reported" on Goldblum's death in New Zealand last week, following the death of Michael Jackson.

Only, as we all know by now, Goldblum is very much alive. He joins a host of celebrities — including Britney Spears, Harrison Ford and Natalie Portman — who were falsely said to be dead in the last week.

Goldblum was in fact the victim of the Internet death hoax that has been circulating for years now that claims an actor has fallen from cliffs to his death while filming in New Zealand.

Always the good sport, Goldblum appeared in person to contradict Colbert's report. Check him out in all his quirky goodness:

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Your thoughts? What about that Australian "Today Show"?

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