Hailey_jon_290 Not to say Star magazine reporter Kate Major may have been a little hasty in resigning her position after falling for interview subject Jon Gosselin, but it appears his affections are already spoken for.

Gosselin told US — when they caught up with him on Saturday (July 25) at a polo match — that dating multiple women isn't his style and that "my heart is always with Hailey," referring to rumored 22-year-old fiancee Hailey Glassman.

So why was he been spending time in the Hamptons with Major and staying as a guest at Major friend Michael Lohan's (yes, Lindsay's father) house?

That's still unclear, although Gosselin does say that Lohan is a "nice guy."

Knowing she has his heart must come as relief to Hailey Glassman who was taken by surprise when People broke the news of Kate Major's sudden whirlwind love-at-first-meeting, and broke into tears.

As for his eight kids? Yeah, wife Kate Gosselin still has all of them.

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