Madmen_290 Look, the stylish 60s as portrayed in AMC's "Mad Men" are about as close as we're going to come to getting all swoon-y about a costume drama, so when the Season Three press kit arrived we popped that lighter-like USB drive into our laptop immediately to bask in all the new art we were bound to discover.

Except, there was no art. Merely text files.

What the what?

Refusing to be foiled we turned our attention to the very nice hard-bound press kit/book that accompanied the USB drive and episode disk and were not disappointed. Still, we wanted to share.

So, thanks to our trusty Blackberry we are. Along with each photo is a quote from your favorite "Mad Men" characters.

Aug. 16 can't come fast enough.


"I have been watching my life. It's right there. I keep scratching at it, tryng to get into it. I can't." — Don Draper


"Sometimes I feel like I'll float away if Don isn't holding me down." — Betty Draper


"I wanted other things." — Peggy Olson


"Either you make it through this thing or you keep it to yourself." — Pete Campbell


"I've never had your job. I've never wanted it. You're in their country. Learn to speak the language." — Joan Holloway


"They say once you start drinking alone, you're an alcoholic. I'm really trying to avoid that." — Roger Sterling

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