Elizacoupe Though I told you last month that "Scrubs" newbie Eliza Coupe (aka Denise/"Jo") would probably be the only intern returning to the series reboot in some regular capacity, the news has now been confirmed.

Coupe joins fellow series regulars Donald Faison and John C. McGinley, who will stay on as professors in "Scrubs"' new medical school setting.

Show insiders tell me Coupe's character — who may or may not still be struggling to soften that gruff bedside manner — will likely win the position of chief resident, perhaps schooling the young med students in her oh-so-sensitive ways. Though she won't appear in every episode of the upcoming season, she will be an integral part of several.

Casting is currently underway for a few other series regular roles, including one recognizable name.

Though "Gilmore" girl Lauren Graham was once at the top of the wish list, I'm told that isn't happening. Any thoughts on who would be a good fit for the "Scrubs" family?

The more I hear about this "Scrubs" makeover, the more I'm looking forward to it.

Just think… If Dr. Cox or Turk or even Denise/"Jo" step up in a big way, and a few dynamic new ducklings are brought in, there's really no reason the new "Scrubs" couldn't be the new "Frasier."

And, yeah, I loved me some "Frasier."

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