Jongosselin_katemajor Hmmmm … for some reason we doubt if we had a fling with an interview subject our bosses would be sending out press releases touting it as a good thing.

But Star wants everyone to know that their reporter Kate Major wasn't just writing about "Jon & Kate Plus 8's" on-the-prowl daddy Jon Gosselin, she's actually ready for her tabloid close-up as well.

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"I didn't mean it to happen, it just did," Major tells her employers. "I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him."

Now that's what we call job dedication. Either that, or the benefits at Star really suck.

Star's online story about the couple — which has no byline so we're going to just have to assume it wasn't written by Major herself — goes on to say that this all means that Gosselin and supposed fiancee Hailey Glassman are kaput.

Really? How are they so sure?

And you? Still think Jon is a good guy? Or do you see a nice divorce settlement coming Kate Gosselin's way?

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