Is “Dexter” losing his killer instinct this season?

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) not only becomes a dad in the fourth season, but he’s seemed to embrace all the domestic joys that comes with it.

Isn’t this a great family portrait? What would the blood-spatter expert make of that ketchup? Heh.


Here’s Dex, greeting the missus.


And Rita (Julie Benz) with junior. Hey, we don’t know a name yet. Let’s keep it with the “D” theme. Dexter, Deb … so how about Dieter? Devin? Derek? Dusty?


Of course, with all this bliss, something dark has to interfere. Enter John Lithgow as killer Arthur Mitchell. We don’t want to know if or what he’s feeding the dog.


And you know there’s trouble afoot if Lt. Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine) is in town, back on the case. Hmm, we wonder what Deb will say to her old flame?


And of course, for more on the little tyke, check out Zap2it’s “Dexter” baby pictures.

Your thoughts?

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