Paulaabdul_aifinale08_240Well it looks like the "divorce" between Paula Abdul and "American Idol" may not be over until Mandisa… um, we mean until the fat lady sings.

According to a report from Radaronline, Fox is conducting focus groups to determine just how likeable or unlikeable the rotating roster of guest judges are in comparision to Abdul.

One TV executive with an inside track told the website, "If Paula Abdul scores higher with focus groups than any guest-star, they'll work on getting her back to "American Idol."


Radaronline also reports: "The testing will help them see just how damaging it might be not to

have Abdul back and figure out just what their new financial offer

should be."

“Fox loooves focus groups," says the TV executive. “If Paula consistently scores far higher than any other

person in her chair, they will feel compelled to make her an offer she

can’t refuse and make this deal happen.”

It also sounds like a lock that there will be four judges come January. Whether the fourth judge will be Paula Abdul remains to be seen, since Paula Abdul has said that she has "something lined up."

However, based on early reports of Posh's judging stint and a good ole' fashion hunch, we're guessing Fox is going to be opening up their checkbook and adding some more zeroes for Miss Paula.

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