Kellyrutherford Remember when "Sonic Youth"'s Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon guested on "Gilmore Girls" with their daughter Coco a couple years back?

Well, it seems their friendship with The CW — not to mention Coco's influence — continues, as "Sonic Youth" is now scheduled to perform an acoustic version of their 1986 song "Starpower" on "Gossip Girl"'s fifth episode this season.

"GG" exec producer Stephanie Savage is apparently a huge fan of the band and told that ep 5 includes a very special event and "Sonic Youth" seemed to be the ideal musical guest for it. "It's a big event that involves Rufus and Lily. Just draw your own conclusions," she laughed.

Seeing as how R & L are engaged and seem ready to go down the marital road, this all makes perfect sense, no?

Bet "Sonic Youth" is Rufus' favorite band and, like, Lily's wedding gift to him or something…


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