Ed Westwick. "Californication." Pictures in bed. You'd think it'd be sexy, right?

Alas no. Check out the pictures below of Chuck, er, that's Ed, in a hospital bed, looking wan in the second episode for the upcoming season.


Oh no! Perhaps there are some anemia issues here? Westwick plays college student Balt who has a keen interest in vampire lit. Maybe he was seeking out some vampire-y thrills?

We don't like the look of him hooked up to anything … except perhaps Blair Waldorf!

This is better. At least he's kind of smiling. Ah, Hank, you card.


Eva Amurri — with the bursting cleavage — plays a fellow college student, Jackie. Aww, wouldn't you like to tend Ed at his bedside?


"Californication" returns for its third season on Sunday, Sept. 27 and focuses on Hank (David Duchovny) taking a teaching job at a University.

What do you think?

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