Erniehudson_290 Who’s “Heroes” gonna call? “Ghostbusters”! Well, one of ’em anyway.

“Oz” actor Ernie Hudson will have a recurring role as a police officer on the upcoming season of “Heroes,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Captain Lubbock (Hudson) is a Baltimore detective who’s hunting some of the characters on the show. Who and for what purpose? So far that’s being kept under wraps.

The fourth season will introduce a whole new slew of gifted people who’ve decided on a different path from our heroes, hiding in plain sight by using their powers to perform in a carnival. Check out more details about the carny folks in Zap2it’s Comic-Con rundown of the “Heroes” panel. Hmm, we wonder if it’s one of these newbies who’s being targeted by Captain Lubbock.

One of them is Samuel (Robert Knepper), the leader of the carnival performers whose powers happen to work on the Earth.

Does the new season of “Heroes” sound promising?

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