urx unit loader Jon Hamm was a waiter at Cafe Med at Sunset Plaza? Can we get him to go?


"Mad Men" hottie Jon Hamm used to wait tables in Venice, downtown L.A. and West Hollywood?

He tells Vanity Fair, "I've probably been a waiter longer than I've

really been anything else. Or I'm probably coming up on even. But

barely. I quit waiting tables when I was 29." He’s now 38.

He worked at a lot of places in L.A.: 72 Market Street, down in Venice (it's no longer there), and Ciudad downtown.

"I still have

people I know that work there," he admits.

He also worked at Café Med in Sunset Plaza.

He describes the

Hollywood Hills, Sunset Strip scene: "Like Paul Stanley would stumble down

from his house in the Hills and have lunch. Then a kind of European

crowd would roll in. It was a great place to work, but my tenure there

was very brief."

Darn. I've eaten there for years. I can't believe I missed him …

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Photo: Vanity Fair