Shaniatwain_240 Shania Twain may be joining "American Idol" for the Chicago auditions August 30th-31st.

From People's TV Watch: Apparently Shania Twain may be the next in the cavalcade of stars guest-judging on "American Idol" in the wake of Paula Abdul's departure.

This news seems a little more legitimate than the other rumors floating around. First I've been hearing whispers of a Jessica Simpson cameo, but her rep is debunking them. I'm going to put my money the fact that her dad Joe is the one starting the rumors because he can't seem to keep quiet about anything. I'm a bit surprised the rumor isn't that just Jessica Simpson's breasts are guest-judging on "American Idol."

There were also British blogging/tabloid stories about Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham being offered £3 million to replace Paula permanently. However, none of those stories can be verified. Those crazy Brits, always making up stories!

What do you guys think? Do you like Shania Twain as a guest judge? I don't necessarily like her music, but I think she has a beautiful voice and could make an excellent guest judge.

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