Kbrothers Mere hours away from the finale of this summer's edition of "So You Think You Can Dance," several of the judges mused about how Final Four finalist Evan Kasprzak's brother, Ryan, is actually a better dancer.

"I think Ryan is definitely a stronger dancer than his brother Evan," says Mia Michaels in agreement with Nigel Lythgoe's assertion. "We all fell in love with both of them. We had a hard time deciding actually which one to put in the Top 20 this year."

As viewers will recall, the final spot in the Top 20 came down between Evan and his older brother Ryan. Not Evan's inclusion this season doesn't mean Ryan won't make it for the new season this fall. As Adam Shankman points out, there is "a bit of a tradition" with sibling pairings on the show: Lacey and Benji, Danny and Travis.

How do the judges explain the Kasprzaks' appeal?

"I think it's this everyman touch," says Nigel. "[Ryan] is such a lovely lad. He is loved. I think he's one of those kids that every mom would like him for a son, every sister would like him for a brother because she could probably beat him up."

"Everybody is so pretty on the show,' Mia elaborates. "Everyone is so gorgeous, and I think that's why — Ryan and his brother — people fall in love with them; because they are real people."

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