Katiecassidy Liveblogging The CW's "Melrose Place" panel!

The spin off of the beloved nighttime 90s soap is set to premiere September 8th, by the way…

11:00: First questions are for Laura Leighton and Thomas Calabro. Did they have expectations for how their "vintage 'Melrose'"characters (Sydney and Michael) have developed over the years, as Jennie Garth did for Kelly on the new "90210"? Doesn't sound like it. Thomas is just excited that Michael has even more money, is all powerful and even more evil. He's trying to get laughs. He's strugglin'… but still cute.

11:01: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz gets a red hair question. She likes the color. It's been toned down since the pilot though.

11:02: Producers are apparently big fans of the old "Melrose"… My colleague Rick Porter asks them if they're going to lean more towards the earnest first season of old school "Melrose" or the more "ridiculous" later years. Laughs. Producer Todd Slavkin says it's still the most scandalous address in West Hollywood. In other words, Melrose is still a b-tch.

11:04: What have they learned from "90210"'s mistakes and their rocky launch last year? Slavkin says that show inspired them, but they weren't really emulating it. He didn't use the word "emulate" but that's what he meant.

11:05: Sydney's murder mystery will not stretch throughout the whole season, but mystery and intrigue is a major part of the series, producer Darren Swimmer says. Slavkin confirms that we will be seeing a lot of "flashback Syd." They are huge fans of noir and that whole thing.

11:06: Producers say that the door is always open for Heather Locklear to come on. They are huge fans of her and have a great way for her to come into the show.

11:08: Thomas Calabro's role is not limited as a "special guest star" a la Locklear. It's very open ended.

11:10: Katie Cassidy is asked if "Melrose" is still a cool, hip place to hang out. She says it is. But more importantly, did she know how Harper's Island was going to end while she was shooting it? She didn't.

11:11: Will we still see Sydney after her murder mystery is solved?Darren Swimmer says he doesn't see why not. The way the show is set up, it's possible… Cool. 

But will we be going back to Shooters? Swimmer says Shooters is under new management. So, I guess not. Boo.

11:12: Is Michael still looking for love? "In all the wrong places," Calabro says. Oh, Thomas. He's really trying!

11:13: Is Katie's character related to Locklear's Amanda Woodward? Producers say no. Has Katie spoken Heather, asked for tips on playing a cutthroat B? Nope. Is Katie's character bisexual? "Trisexual," Slavkin says. "She'll try anything."

11:14: Katie Cassidy wasn't allowed to watch "Melrose" as a kid. She still hasn't watched it! She feels like a jerk about it. She didn't say that, but infers it with a laugh.

11:15: Are there any plans to have a gay character, a la Doug Savant's Matt? Yep, keep watching.

11:17: Has Katie seen "Ruby & The Rockits" and does she feel like it's loosely based on her life? Yes and yes. What does her Dad (David Cassidy) think of this "Melrose" business? I guess he's cool with it.

11:18: Colin Egglesfield watched "Melrose." He seems to be the only cast member who has. Of course. I heard he's like 37. I don't care how old he is. I talked to him at The CW party last night and I heart him.

11:19: The producers talked to Grant Show (Jake Hansen) at the party last night. Sounds like he's going to reprise his "Melrose" role at some point too. As we've know for a couple months now, Daphne Zuniga (Jo) and Josie Bisset (Jane) are already on board.

11:20: Stephanie Jacobsen gets a sci fi question (cuz she was on "Battlestar Galactica" and "Terminator: TSCC"). She loves that genre but feels this was a timely career change for her. 

11:22: Do the producers know if Aaron Spelling was down with a new version of "Melrose" being developed? CW comic Paul McGuire is back at the podium to end the panel and answers the critic's question: "Stick around, Marjorie, we're going to have a seance her after lunch." 

Huge laugh.

You getting excited about this new "Melrose" to launch? Hmmm? Don't lie. If you took the time to read through this whole post, you're clearly planning a viewing party right now… 
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