Kellyclarkson_sonybmg06_240 Kelly Clarkson, "American Idol" winner, pop sweetheart and airbrushing controversy subject, has said that the saga surrounding Paula Abdul's departure from Idol is "drama."

In an interview taped before the official Paula Abdul Twitter annoucement, Clarkson says, "I know those producers. They're doing that for drama. She's totally probably going to come back."

You heard it here first, folks. Totally probably. Guess that didn't really work out. (I say that with much Kelly Clarkson love in my heart.)

Clarkson went to sing the praises of new judge Kara DioGuardi, who co-wrote Clarkson's new hit "I Do Not Hook Up." She said of DioGuardi, "She's so great to work with. She's a great writer, great singer as well."

Is everybody good and sick of the Paula Abdul stuff? It's not going away anytime soon, as she has guest-starring stints coming up on both "Drop Dead Diva" and now "Ugly Betty." She also might be a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars." Now THAT I would watch.

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