kara  americasnextopmodel13 290 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 13: Kara has yet to make an impressionThere’s always one girl on “America’s Next Top Model” that is completely forgettable. Who each week makes viewers go, “Who are you again?”

This cycle, that girl could very well be Kara. Let’s see: she’s frightened of panel and promises not to cry no matter what Tyra Banks does to her makeover-wise. She wants a career doing edgy, high-fashion print work and she thinks the most surprising thing about herself is that she spent three months back-packing through the South Pacific.

The only interesting tidbit she spills during her video interview is that she swiped her dad’s credit card so that she could fly from Costa Rica to Chicago for the “ANTM” audition. Unfortunately, that just makes her sound spoiled.

“America’s Next Top Model” premieres Wednesday, Sept. 9 on The CW.

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