curbfinale 290 'Curb Your Enthusiasm': Preview the 'Seinfeld' ian finale“Curb Your Enthusiasm” winds down its season Sunday with an episode that also brings the show’s “Seinfeld” reunion arc to a close. HBO has even gone so far as to restyle “Curb’s” logo to look like “Seinfeld’s.”

Actually, the whole promotional push by HBO has been kind of brilliant. A teaser for Sunday’s show promises that after 11 years, “Finally … a funny finale.” It both captures the way most people felt about the real “Seinfeld” finale and plays off something that’s been going on inside “Curb”-land, where everyone but Larry David acknowledges that the finale was perhaps not up to snuff.

The hour-long season finale airs at 9 p.m. ET Sunday (Nov. 22), and along with the reunion shenanigans Larry and Jerry Seinfeld are also attending a party for Jason Alexander’s new book. Take a look:

Whatcha think? Will we get the “Seinfeld” finale we all wanted on Sunday?

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