levi johnston photo Shatner, Fleshbot, Playgirl: A week in Levi's genes (Johnston, of course)Levi Johnston is at it again — first Playgirl, then the Fleshbot awards and now William Shatner reading Johnston’s Tweets on “The Tonight Show.”

Levi Johnston has been a busy boy since knocking up the daughter of a Vice Presidential candidate. On the Nov. 4 “Tonight Show,” William Shatner read Levi’s tweets aloud, which included, “Anybody know where I can get some good weed” and “Whats the deal with
the taxi drivers not speaking English, is there a law against it?” and “You know you’re a celebrity when strangers want to see your penis.”

Uh, that’s not being famous, Levi. That’s porn. Levi has since asked NBC to retract these “fake tweets,” but it doesn’t mean we can’t all watch the video and laugh.