community south park TV Crossovers: 'CSI: Des Moines' spurs Midwest hybridsOkay, fine. There is no “CSI: Des Moines.” That doesn’t mean there can’t be Midwestern crossovers.

On Monday, we covered Southern/Tropical crossovers in honor of the “CSI: Miami” leg of the series’ triple crossover event. Today is an off day for the “CSI” crossover, so until they create “CSI: Minneapolis,” we’ll have to make due with hypothetical Crossovers of the Midwest.

“Community” & “South Park”
How much would you love to see an animated version of Joel McHale on “South Park?” He could play himself; he could be a teacher. It doesn’t really matter. The tricky part is getting “South Park” on “Community.” Perhaps the four boys could be a figment of Abed’s imagination.

“Smallville” & “The United States of Tara”
The superhero from Smallville meets the woman with dissociative identity disorder from Overland Park and hijinks ensue. On “Smallville,” Clark saves Alice from a Monster of the Week in Metropolis. They bond over the whole double-life/secret identity thing they have going. When he sees Tara safely home on “United States of Tara,” Clark encounters the admiration of both Kate and Marshall.

“Glee” & “Greek”
What a delightful coincidence that both these shows are set in Ohio! We think Quinn and Rachel should go to a ZBZ party with Quinn’s older sister (played by Amanda Seyfried) and attract trouble when Rachel is chatted up by Evan and Finn and Puck crash the party. A Jets vs. Sharks-style musical number ensues.

parks recreation middle TV Crossovers: 'CSI: Des Moines' spurs Midwest hybrids“The Middle” & “Parks & Recreation”
As manager of the quarry in Orson, Indiana, Mike Heck (Neil Flynn) could be put in charge of filling in the pit in Pawnee, Indiana for Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). It’s a flimsy plot, but getting Flynn and Poehler together hardly needs a plot, right?

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