urx unit loader Hugh Hefner is shocked you're shocked by Tiger Woods sex scandal

Indefatigable womanizer and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is not the slightest bit unnerved by the myriad mistresses leaping out of Tiger Wood‘s closet.
And neither should we be, he says.

]]>“I think the only surprise in it, quite frankly, is that anybody would be surprised,” the Playboy mogul told Marc Malkin. “If you’re a good-looking guy and young and healthy, the notion that there would be something else going on, well, marriage is just a convenience.”

So can we expect a Playboy spread (not to put too fine a point on it) of Tiger’s Tail soon? 
“We’re not looking for scandal, but I don’t know,” Hefner, posing with his new “Girls Next Door” gang says. “We’ll see.”
Oh, right. Not looking for scandal. Give us a break.
Do you agree with the Playboy founder about men and marriage?
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