Snooki-Nicole-Polizzi-MTV-Jersey-Shore-Full.jpgIt has been almost two weeks since the last new episode of “Jersey Shore,” our newest trashtastic obsession. To help curb the shakes, we’ve been packing away tidbits on our favorite and most controversial cast member, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

Sure, we have better things to do then track Snooki, but we’d rather do this. Don’t hate.
Here are 10 things we think you should know about Snooki:

1) Snooki is fo’ real.
Snooki has her own channel on YouTube. If you ever wondered if she was playing up to the cameras on “Jersey Shore,” wonder no more. After viewing the videos Snooki posted before the show aired, we believe she toned it down.

2) Snooki’s rack is also real. (OK Magazine)
Recently, Snooki said she admired her fellow cast mate, Jenni “JWOWW” Farley’s style, since her fake breasts allow her to look good in almost anything. She then declared that her tatas are real!

3) Snooki doesn’t tan. (OK Magazine)
She says she doesn’t have to tan, because she’s half Spanish and she’s naturally tan year-round! We didn’t know Spanish people were naturally orange, but why would Snooki lie?

4) Snooki could be classified as a little person. (The Wendy Williams Show)
She told Wendy that she is 4’9″. Medical dictionaries define a little person as anyone who stands shorter than 4’10”. In heels, though, Snooki is 5’2″. We know what you’re thinking: How does that tiny body hold so much trashtastic-ness?

5) Snooki’s ideal man is a short, juicehead guido. (“The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien“)
Guido is a given. She wants him to be short, though, so he’s not much taller than she is. We had to look up “juicehead.” According to the Urban Dictionary, a “juicehead” is someone who is on steroids. Well, we would never ask anyone to settle …

6) Snooki is adopted. (OK Magazine)
After saying she was half-Spanish, she told the magazine that she was adopted and she has no plans to track down her biological parents. Her adoptive parents must be so proud!

7) While she took it global, Snooki did not invent “the poof.” (
The hair bump that Snooki won’t go anywhere without has actually been around Jersey for several years according to The site does add that it’s not trendy anymore. We don’t think Snooki cares about being trendy. She’s an original.

8) She only regrets getting pissed drunk on “Jersey Shore” that first night. (OK Magazine)

When asked if she had any regrets, Snooki answered, “The first night. I don’t like to be black out drunk like that. It’s embarrassing.” Every other messy drunken night? Those weren’t embarrassing at all.

9) Snooki will one day be your pet’s best friend! (The Jay Leno Show)
She is attending school to become a veterinary technician. You know, they’re those people who assist the vet when you bring your pet in. It takes about three years to earn a credential. So, in about five or six, don’t be surprised if Snooki appears in a vet clinic near you.

10) Snooki wants to find love – on TV. (OK Magazine)

“I want a dating show,” says Snooki. “‘Snookin’ For Love.’ I want to find my prince. I’d have 27 guys: guidos and juiceheads. That’d be heaven. Every time I’d pick a guy, I’d give them a pickle and we’d eat the pickles at the end.” Folks, Snooki just keeps on giving us hits! (Please excuse the pun.)

The next new episode of “Jersey Shore” airs tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 31 at 10 p.m. E/P on MTV.

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